Olive consists of; water, protein, oil, cellulose, phosphor, sulphur, calcium, chlorine, iron, copper, A,C,E vitamins. There are 224 calories in 100 gr olive. 100 gr olive oil consists of 30 mg E vitamin. There are 10-25% oil in flesh part and 25-50% oil in the seed part of the oil. Taste Miracle of the Nature... Gemlik Type Olives... Thin peel, small seed and big flesh. Oil rate (25%) is high. Flesh part easily separates from seed part. As it consists of Iron A vitamin and much calcium, it is very healthy. It is a unique taste miracle served in tin boxes, vacuumed packages and glass jars

Marmarabirlik Vrty
Edincik Variety
Kayısı Variety
   Oily Brine
   Oily Bin
  With Savour
125 Gr.
250 Gr.
400 Gr.
480 Gr.
500 Gr.
800 Gr.
1.000 Gr.
2.000 Gr.
5.000 Gr.
10.000 Gr.

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